Often times as young adults, we are being told to invest our money in order to get good profit. But we also end up getting confused as to what we should actually invest in as young adults.

However, below are four investment ideas we should consider as young adults;


Self-investment is a very important factor as young adults, as well as skill development. Most people don’t see self/skill development as investment; meanwhile it is one of the best investments you can make as a young adult. Self-development is important because the income you earn through your skills would be over your lifetime and it would be your greatest asset. The more you increase it, the more valuable it would be.

Plan to invest at least small amount of money and time in acquiring any skill you need in your career. You may also think of skills you would want to add to prepare you for a higher paying job.


This is also considered as an important factor. As the saying goes “health is wealth”. However, as young adults, we should care for our health as much as we try to have fun. The reason being that, it is difficult to enjoy your wealth without good health.


As young adults, there’s a certain type of energy we possess. This, as a factor, helps in expanding the knowledge of young adults on different aspects of life. More so, for the fact that we are young and still energetic, we are opportune to try new things that would yield more profit and increase our knowledge capacity on different things. 

As the saying goes; “make hay while sun shine”.


Real estate is another growth-type investment strategy, and you absolutely cannot get enough of those while you are young. Real estate investment is the best investment you can do as a young adult.

A real estate investment trust provides 100% return on investment even when the stock market is falling. Commercial real estate continues to rise in value while stock market is falling.

However, you can have a minimum of three hundred thousand naira(N 300, 000) and stand a chance of owning a  landed property in Nigeria and in years to come, as the value of that property increases, so will the price.

            In conclusion, investing works best when it is done early in life. That will let your money grow, giving you more options in the future.

Remember, “a stitch in time saves nine”

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