Different ways you can invest in Real estate

With the rate at which naira is devalued by the day, it’s obvious that it isn’t wise to leave money lying bare and unproductive in regular bank accounts.  In addition to converting your money to more valuable foreign currencies, investing in stocks and shares, or even crypto, Real estate investment is another safe and smart investment option. There is because in real estate, there are several investment options to suit different risk tolerance, financial goal and personal preference. So in the next few minutes I will be sharing with you different ways you can approach real estate to leverage its benefits to preserve the worth of your money and grow your finances.

  • Rental property: We at SED Properties Limited love rental property investment so much because of the steady flow of income that comes from it. In rental property investment, you have the liberty to choose the type of property that suits you. This can be either residential or commercial property. When going for this type of investment, it’s important to assess the rental market around the location you are looking to make your investment, noting the demand in rental property.
  • Fix and flip: So this is when you buy a worn out property, renovate it to increase its value and then sell it off at a higher price. This type of investment is good for anyone who loves challenging tasks and interior designing.
  • Real estate crowd funding: this type of investment comes in when you don’t have all the money required to purchase a property on your own so you team up with a few friends or family members to buy and own the property. So whatever you decide to do with the property that yields income, the profit is shared amongst the individual according to the percentage each person contributed during the purchase.
  • Vacation Rentals/Short –term furnished apartment: this is another type of real estate investment that we love so much at SED Properties Limited.  We love it because it’s almost like the rental property investment we discussed earlier but with a twitch that makes it better. So it involves getting properties around locations often visited by tourist and rent it out tourist or individual who might be in need of short term accommodation. It’s simple but requires strategic planning.

In conclusion, these are just but a few real estate investments you can make with your resources to protect your money from inflation. The good thing is that At SED Properties Limited we offer free real estate consultation to help you navigate any real estate investment of your choice.

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