Over the weekend we carried out property allocation for our clients who subscribed to and made full payment for our Classic Royal Estate. Allocation days excite us so much at SED Properties Limited because we get to see our happy clients and realtors lay claim over there properties and go home satisfied with there property document in hand. This particular allocation was different and so dear to us than every other allocations we’ve done in the past. This is because the property Classic Royal Estate got sold out on that very day. You can imagine how excited we are that our property met and exceeded our clients expectations.

Another thing that made our hearts swell was how our clients and realtors where amazed to receive our invitation for allocation in less than four months of payment. They didn’t hold back from raining praises on us on how satisfied they are while mentioning how client and realtor centred our services are.

It gladdens our heart to see our clients and realtors happy and satisfied all the time, that is why we are always working on improving our services and listening to our clients’ feedback so we can better serve you.

I know you might be wondering, now that Classic Royal Estate is Sold out, what property can I key in to? Yes, we have other verity of properties in our catalogue with even better amenities for you to choose from. So, feel free to reach out to use for any of your real estate needs.

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