Semi detached duplex

Writing this particular article made me so happy. Growing up, I dreamed of owning a home where every feature is designed and crafted to my desire. When I say every detail I mean every single detail from structure to colour, number of rooms, room size and features etc. This ideas have gotten better over the years and I can boldly say that my taste has greatly improved through experience, travel and my involvement in the real estate industry. Yes, I had big dreams and good taste as a child and they have only gotten better as an adult. So, you can imagine how happy I am to suggest to you types of residential building to consider when building your home.

Fully detached duplex
  • Fully detached duplex: This I love so much because you get to maximise the space above your land. It also makes it easy for you to be creative with the structure and to have as many rooms as possible. If you are someone that gets bored easily, then this is perfect option for you because you get to alternate staying upstairs with downstairs whenever you need a change of scenery. I wont forget to add that using the stairs regularly is a form of exercise which in the long helps to improve your health.
A beautiful bungalow
  • Bungalow: This type of building has a lot of misconception around it but the are all misconceptions. First thing I’d like to state is that it is the most cost effective type of building on the list depending on the number of rooms you want. Just like the first, you can have as many room as you want, you just have to be creative with your architectural design.
Semi detached duplex
  • Semi detached duplex: This is almost like the first but in this type of building, it might just be a wall that separates your home from your neighbours. This type of buildings are largely seen in recent urban estates. The only down side to this type of building is that it can restrict you to a particular size and number of rooms. Which if you don’t mind is not an issue at all.

Inclusion, the above listed types of buildings are just the basics, there are more to make your choice from. The most important thing is to build whatever feels good to you that you can afford. Feel free to play with the designs if possible invent your own kind of building. The land is your canvas.

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